Sunday, 21 December 2014

Plan to send foreign graduates home

The Home Secretary is considering a hard-line policy that would have a tremendous effect on non-European students in the UK.

The proposal under consideration which the Home Secretary is said to be planning to have included in the next Conservative manifesto could force non-European students to return home after successfully completing their studies before they will be eligible to apply for work visa to live and work in the UK.

According to a report on the MSN Home Page credited to the Press Association, The policy being considered is likely to include provisions to make educational establishments that sponsor foreign students responsible for ensuring that students leave the UK after their studies. The policy is also said to include penalties for educational establishments with low departure rates ranging from fines to a possible loss of their licence to sponsor foreign students from outside the EU.

This new policy, if it comes into effect, will alter the current Immigration Rule which allows most eligible students to switch into a work visa from within the UK.

The implication of this new policy (if and when it comes into effect) on foreign students, educational establishments and its impact on the UK economy can only be imagined.