Saturday, 25 August 2012

UKBA To Track Down 150,000 Illegal Immigrants

The UKBA is planning to launch a project in September 2012 to deal with the huge backlog of Immigrants who have overstayed their leave in the UK.

It plans to write to an estimated 150,000 illegal immigrants who are remaining in the UK illegally.

According to the statement from the Immigration Minister Damian Green, the UKBA will send letters to those who's applications have been refused by the UKBA but are still remaining in the UK illegally warning them that they a liable to be deported and barred from entering the UK unless they leave within 28 days.

There is a change to the Immigration Rules affecting overstayers which will take effect from 1st October 2012. This new statement from the Immigration Minister looks like a preamble to that.

This project, according to the statement, will be targeting foreign nationals from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Pakistan.